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Lulworth Cove - coursework Resources

  • Lulworth Cove coursework (ICT component) instructions (including advice on the image editing software to use)

  • Lulworth maps to edit:

    • Bitmap format (loads directly into MS Paint or right-click on image then select 'save picture as')

    • Gif format (Right-click on image then select 'save picture as')

    • Jpeg format (Right-click on image then select 'save picture as')

  • Lulworth from the air ©UKMULTIMAP.COM

  • Lulworth 2002 - images from the 2002 fieldtrip

Lulworth images (Photographs which may help you with your coursework)

Stairhole - looking southwest (104995 bytes)Stairhole - western end (97778 bytes)Stairhole - eastern end (104887 bytes)
Stairhole -  Wealdon Beds (122575 bytes)Chalk bedding - north side  of Lulworth bay (79682 bytes)Greensand/chalk boundary (90094 bytes)Greensand beds - northwest cliffs of Lulworth cove (77380 bytes)
Greensand/chalk boundary - Lulworth cove looking east (68546 bytes)Wealdon beds - Lulworth cove looking west (72784 bytes)Stream flowing onto Lulworth cove beach (75400 bytes)Stream valley - Lulworth cove (54099 bytes)Greensand/chalk boundary - north cliff Lulworth cove (54042 bytes)
Northwest corner - Lulworth cove (45179 bytes)Lulworth Bay - looking east (229280 bytes)diagram.jpg (79205 bytes)


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