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Instructions for producing your map

  • SOFTWARE: MS Paint has very limited drawing tools and you cannot undo mistakes or add and then adjust text very easily. If you use software such as Serif PhotoPlus (Art Topic) then you can add layers on top of the map and draw on these. The layers can be easily moved or corrected and text layers can be edited at any time. Use FILE => EXPORT when you want to save your final image.


  • After you have downloaded and saved the map in the image format you want to use using your image editing software to:

    • Use a FILL to colour in the correct contour colours. Use appropriate colours, to get full marks, use the colours they use in an atlas.

    • Use TEXT to put in names and Grid References. (The text icon looks like a capital A in MS Paint)

    • When you have finished you can either save and email it to your school account or print it (ideally in colour) ready for your mark.


  • N.B. If using MS Paint the image must be a bitmap file:

    • Click on the saved bitmap file and it should load into PAINT


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