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  The English Civil War Information: Level 1

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  • In 1642, the king tried to arrest some M.Ps and have them put in prison, but they escaped.
  • Some of the king's friends were Catholics.
  • Charles spent a lot of money on paintings, his family and the expenses of the royal court.
  • In 1626, parliament refused to raise money for the king.
  • Charles' wife was a Catholic.
  • Charles was shy, quiet and had a bad stutter.
  • Charles was only 4 feet 7 inches tall.
  • Charles' wife was French.
  • In 1634 Charles imposed an unpopular new tax called "Ship Money."
  • Some text books suggest that Charles firmly believed he should keep all the real power of ruling the country to himself and that no-one had the right to question his decisions.
  • Charles was very fond of dogs, particularly spaniels.
  • In 1640, Charles fought a war against Scotland and lost it.
  • Charles made changes in religion which many people disliked and cut off the ears of some of the people who complained.
  • In 1625, an expedition against Spain was a disastrous defeat.
  • Later in 1642, Charles got an army together and declared war on parliament.
  • In 1628, Charles waged a military campaign against France and lost.
  • In 1629, Charles dissolved parliament and ruled without one for the next 11 years.
  • In 1640, the Irish rebelled against Charles.
  • In 1641, Charles had to go to parliament to ask for more money to fight the Irish and the Scots.
  • Later in 1642, after the attempt to arrest the 5 M.Ps, there were riots and demonstrations against the king in London. He had to leave London for his own safety.

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