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KLB Science Department Interactivities

Read the passage below and choose your words from the lists.

  1. All sounds are produced from .

  2. The number of complete vibrations which a guitar string makes in one second is called the and is measured in .

  3. A note has a higher than a low pitch note.

  4. The pitch of a note made by a stretched string can be raised by increasing the of the string.

  5. are caused by reflected sound waves.

  6. The speed of sound in is greater than it is in air.

  7. If the length of a stretched, vibrating string is shortened, the pitch of the note it produces is .

  8. If two stretched strings with the same length and tension are vibrating, the thicker string will have a pitch compared to the thinner string.

  9. If you blow over a tube that is partly filled with water then the pitch of the note will rise if the water level is .

  10. The higher the frequency, the greater the number of per second.

  11. The thick strings on a guitar will produce a pitch note compared to the thin strings when they both vibrate.

  12. The short strings in a harp will produce a pitch note compared to the long strings when they both vibrate.

Press the FINISHED button when you think you have all the answers.
Those you get right will be ticked.

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