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KLB Science Department Interactivities

Read the passage below and choose your words from the lists.

  1. Light, heat and electricity are all forms of .

  2. energy is due to motion: energy is due to the or state of an object.

  3. In a steam engine, energy is obtained by burning a and this energy is then changed into energy.

  4. Energy is not actually lost but it is changed from one form into another: energy is said to be .

  5. Energy is measured in .

  6. If a force of 8 N moves through a distance of 2 m then the energy transferred will be 16 .

  7. The rate at which energy is transferred is called the and is measured in .

  8. Power can be worked out by finding out how many of energy are transferred in one .

  9. is done when one form of energy is transferred into another.

  10. An energy transfer of 1000 joules per second is a power of one .

Press the FINISHED button when you think you have all the answers.
Those you get right will be ticked.

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