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KLB Year 9 History -The rise to power of Adolf Hitler

Read the passage below and choose your words from the lists.


In Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor (leader) of Germany. He was leader of the Party, which was also called the Party.

Hitler wanted to build up a big to make Germany powerful again. He wanted Germany to have more .

The League of Nations had been set up to keep peace between countries and to stop another World War happening. The League of Nations did not want Germany to be powerful again. It wanted Germany to have a small army so it would not be able to other countries. Hitler decided that Germany would not be part of this League of Nations. Germany left the League and Hitler ordered the Germans to build , ships and

If all the Year 9 boys at KLB had been living in Hitlerís Germany, they would have to be prepared to have training when they were older. Hitler made the army much bigger and more powerful.

The area called the had been taken away from Germany in when it had signed the Treaty of (after World War One). In 1935, the people of the Saar voted to be ruled by Germany again so it showed that was popular.

Britain, France and were worried about Germany being too powerful, so they made an . However, this agreement fell apart because...(explain why in your own words).

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