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5.3.3 Data Capture

Revision Points:  (Full course)
  • Candidates are expected to:
    • identify the main issues governing design of suitable data capture forms;

Forms are used to capture data.

  • Paper based forms are completed by hand and then the data can be transferred to a computer.
  • Computer based forms input the data directly into a computer.

Features of a well designed form:

  • Heading - this makes the purpose of the form clear to the person completing it.
  • Question prompts - these labels make it clear what is to be entered at each stage.
  • Marked response areas - these make it clear where the response is filled in.
    Text Boxes - these help to limit the length of the response.
    Character Boxes - these strictly limit the length of the response.
    Formatted Character Boxes - these further limit the possible responses
    Tick Boxes - these further limit the possible responses as well as speeding up data entry and making processing easier.

Computer-based screen forms:

All of the above features apply equally to paper and screen forms.  Screen forms can have the following additional features:

  • Drop-down list boxes and combo boxes to speed up text entry and reduce errors.

  • Radio buttons where only one option can be selected.

3 door model
5 door model

  • Tick boxes which can be selected with a single mouse click.

Air conditioning
Climate control
CD Player
Sun roof

  • Control buttons such as RESET FORM, CLEAR FORM, CONFIRM and SAVE etc.
  • Validation rules to check the data that is entered is sensible.
  • Double-entry boxes with verification rules to check crucial data such as email addresses are entered correctly.

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