Online retailing

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5.1.6 - Internet issues

Revision Point:
Candidates are expected to:
  • discuss the issues relating to information found on the Internet, for example unreliability, undesirability and security of data transfer;

Examples of issues involving the Internet:

  • Downloading copyright material such as music, images, films and software.
  • Accessing content such as pornography that is inappropriate for the age of the user
  • Accessing illegal content such as personal data to use in ID fraud
  • Plagiarism, copying work and pretending it is your own
  • Hacking websites and networks remotely using the Internet
  • Employees and students wasting time online instead of working
  • Spreading of viruses
  • Websites with unreliable or biased information or with information that meant to mislead
  • SPAM, unwanted email that is sent out in bulk
  • Misuse of email and chat rooms by paedophiles trying to make contact with children
  • Online retailing resulting in high street shops closing

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