Keyboards: further examples

 Specialist keyboards - Concept Keyboard

These are sometimes called membrane or overlay keyboards

They are used where fast input is needed and are ideally suited to selecting from a limited range of choices.

You simply touch the image on the keyboard overlay to make a selection and the computer is programmed to respond correctly.

  • Much faster for making non-text selections such as menu choices on the till of a fast-foot outlet
  • The keyboard is waterproof which can be useful where there is dirt or the risk of splashes.
  • They can be used by young children or those with learning difficulties to make selections that would be difficult with a QWERTY keyboard.
  • Poor for text or numeric input although these keyboards can include a numeric keypad so the operator can enter the amount sold etc.
  • A new version has to be printed if new functions need to be added.

Specialist keyboards - Braille keyboard
The Braille alphabet is made up of patterns of raised dots and the keys of this keyboard are marked with these raised dots as an aid for the blind.